Admission Policies

Admission to AMVC policy September 2018

Sixth Form Admissions Policy September 2018

Admission to AMVC policy September 2019

Sixth Form Admissions Policy September 2019

In-Year Application Form - this form should be completed for all In-Year admissions and returned to Mrs D Sanderson (Admissions), Arthur Mellows Village College, Helpston Road, Glinton, Peterborough, PE6 7JX.  This form should not be used for children applying in Year 6 for the new Year 7 September intake.

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Peterborough LA Admissions Guide

Information for Parents of New Students

New Year 7 admissions for September intakes

All new Year 7 admissions are dealt with by the Peterborough Local Authority.  Peterborough children who attend a Local Authority Peterborough Primary school will be given a booklet in September of their Year 6 to take home which explains the process.  Parents of Year 6 students who do not attend a Peterborough Primary school but live in Peterborough should contact the Admissions Team at the Education Office in Peterborough for the booklet in the September prior to entry into Secondary Education.  Up to 1 March all enquiries should be made to the Admissions team at the Local Authority. After 1 March enquiries should be direct to the College.  Further information regarding this process can be found in the Peterborough Admissions Guide and the Arthur Mellows Admissions Policy.

Admission Critera 

For detailed information, please refer to the Arthur Mellows Admissions Policy.

In-Year Admissions

The College is usually oversubscribed so early discussion is essential.  Please contact the College immediately you know you wish to seek admission and apply using the application form below.  This is particularly important if you are moving into the Catchment Area or are being posted to RAF Wittering.  If there is a vacancy in the Year Group, then a place will be allocated.  If the College does not have a place in the Year Group, applicants will be placed on the waiting list according to the admission criteria that is met and the procedure for Appeal will be explained. Please see the Admissions Policy for further reference.

Admission Appeals

Appeal forms can be obtained from the College.  Appeals are held within the statutory timescale and you will be advised of an appeal hearing date once your application is received.  Further more detailed information can be found in the Arthur Mellows Admission Policy.

Sixth Form Admissions

The College welcomes applicants for Post 16 Education.  Places in the Sixth Form will be offered in accordance with the Sixth Form Admissions Policy.


New Year 7 Admissions Timetable

Offer day 1 March 2017
Closing date for appeals (20 school days) 29 March (end of school day, 3.05 pm)
All paperwork returned by closing date  must be heard within 40 school days 19 June 2017
Any paperwork received (normal round) after the deadline will be heard within 40 school days 19 June 2017
Late applications offer day 23 March 2017
Appeals submitted deadline date

Week of 20 March

Week of 22 May

Will be heard within 40 school days 40 school days from date of offer

All other In-Year appeals will be heard within 30 school days of receipt