Religious Education

The RE department at Arthur Mellows is an enthusiastic and thriving department that comprises of 3 specialist RE teachers and 7 non specialist teachers. The Head of department role is shared between Mrs G Ellis and Mr S Ahmed.  Mrs McMahon is the other specialist RE teacher, who is also Head of Sociology and Psychology. The RE department is a popular department with growing numbers of students opting to take RE GCSE Full course and Philosophy and Ethics A Level.
The RE department has three rooms dedicated to the subject in the Humanities block. Each classroom is equipped with electronic whiteboards and DVD players. We are a well-resourced department with up to date text books, shared power points, and DVD’s for each Key Stage. We also have a wealth of Religious Artefacts to engage students and help bring their learning to life. The department also has a video camera which is used to record role plays and students’ presentations.
Key Stage 3
In Year 7 RE, students study Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  In Year 8 they study Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Students gain knowledge and understanding of these religions through the topics of: people, worship, places, writings, religious calendar, self and community. In Year 9 RE, students study “Rites of Passage”; this includes looking at how birth and coming of age ceremonies are celebrated and commemorated in different religious traditions. Year 9 students also study “Religion and the Media” and a unit on Philosophy, considering questions such as “Where do we come from?” in preparation for GCSE RE.  Our Key Stage 3 assessments are based on GCSE style questions in order for students to achieve a smoother transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4

Current Year 11 students study the OCR ethics short course, which is compulsory. Many students have also opted follow the OCR Philosophy and Ethics full course GCSE.
Students in Year 10 will study the Edexcel short course in Religious Studies. This consists of four units examining religious beliefs, practices and ethical dilemmas within Christianity and Hinduism:
  • Christian Beliefs
  • Christian views on peace and conflict
  • Hindu Beliefs
  • Hindu views on marriage and the family
Religious Studies full course is also a very popular option for many students.

Key Stage 5

Students follow the OCR Religious Studies A Level – studying Hinduism and Religious Ethics. It is a very popular course and since 2012, the pass rate at A Level has been 100% A* - C.