Our Shakespeare Experience

 On Friday 11 October 2013, Arthur Mellows took part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival 2013 with our production of Twelfth Night.  We were joined on the night by Hampton College, Spalding Grammar and Dogsthorpe Junior School, with performances of Macbeth, Henry V and Much Ado about Nothing. The house was full and we saw the faces of lots of teachers there to show their support and enjoy the night’s performances. This year under the direction of Mr Bold we explored out first Shakespeare comedy as a school, and it was very fair to say it was a success. There were some very memorable moments, such as Lewis - our Malvolio, in his yellow tights; that I am sure the audience will not be able to forget in a hurry! It was great to have such a big cast with so many new faces particularly from the lower school.  Hopefully the group will keep on growing.  We cannot wait till next year’s performance!
By Rosie Reynolds,   (Playing Olivia)
There can be very few moments of anticipation to match those of waiting in the wings as your play is about to commence. Thoughts fly through your head like moths at the edge of vision, distracting but never settling for long enough to give your full attention: will everybody remember their lines?, will the staging work as you planned it?, will the actors’ voices carry across the theatre?, It’s supposed to be a comedy – will anybody actually laugh?
Imagine our relief when, moments after Rob Anthony and Joe Giggs’ clown routines bring hoots of laughter from the audience. The next thirty minutes flash past as the Key Theatre spectators enjoyed a stunning set of performances by Arthur Mellows Village College students as they gave a spirited performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, charming the gathered collection of teachers, parents, students and family from the 4 schools involved with wonderful renditions of the haughty, yet flirtatious Olivia (Rosie Reynolds and Daisy Pickup); the drunken foolery of Sir Toby Belch (Ella Farrow and Gemma Imbriano); the foppish, sad character of Sir Andrew Aguecheek (James Venters and Jack Barraclough); the fragile innocence of Viola (Scarlett Maher and Kelda McKnight); the obsessive Count Orsino (Nathan Smith) and the delightfully stuffy Malvolio, resplendent in yellow stockings (Lewis Depear) and the rest of the cast who, in addition to taking on character roles, also showed off their physical theatre skills in conjuring sea storms, garden furniture, a kitchen and a church.
All of this was only possible due to the absolute dedication of the twenty-five students who, in the space of just five and a half almost unbelievable weeks, developed language, character and timing expertise to put on such a fabulous performance. We find it hard to express the level of pride that we feel for those students’ achievements.
Our one regret? Having to stay in the wings for the final performance so that we couldn’t enjoy it quite as much as the audience. 
Now, where are next year’s scripts….?
By Mr Bold, Science Teacher and Miss Clennett, Drama Teacher