Most students love half-term, however this February half-term was filled with the post-show blues of many at Arthur Mellows Village College following the triumph of ‘Oliver’.  The focused ensemble captured the divide between affluence and poverty, whilst the principles successfully fulfilled difficult characterisations.  The audience were taken on an emotional rollercoaster as the Sowerberry’s successfully evoked laughter, whilst Sykes sent shivers through the audience.  The students committed a huge amount of energy and time to the rehearsal process which was all worth it when the audience witnessed the incredible standard of talented actors, dancers and musicians.  Every year the standard gets better and better which is all down to the dedication of the students and staff at Arthur Mellows.  The school is still filled with great pride following the production.  
Comments from the audience members:
‘…wonderfully entertaining performance and a credit to the students' hard work and the commitment of the staff.’
‘It was absolutely brilliant.’
‘The music, singing, dancing and acting was just brilliant from start to finish.’
‘You have some very talented youngsters and dedicated teachers in your school.’
‘From the acting, to the dancing, to the music – there was a great deal of talent on the stage and made for an excellent night and a great performance.’
‘AMVC’s version of Oliver should be available on prescription Anyone who was at the performance on Thursday night will have gone home with a big smile, and probably singing one of the beautifully performed songs.’