Armed Services Cadets in Remembrance

 The following students attended Arthur Mellows Village College in their Armed Services Cadet uniform on Wednesday 11 November 2015 in order to commemorate Remembrance Day.
Ash Burgess
Ashley Coulson
Mason Thompson
Reece Exton
Cody Taylor
Chloe Crawford
Paige Fowler
Henry Bird
Mpho Mazibeli
Cara Gatward-Clarke
Katie Heywood
Ellen Russell
 The students were all incredibly proud to wear their uniform and also commented on their involvement on Remembrance Sunday when they represented their various organisations with wreath laying.
Mike Sandeman, Head of College, commented on how pleased he was to see so many students embrace their extra-curricular activity with the Cadet organisations, by attending school in full uniform and generally promoting the good work of the Royal British Legion and the Armed Services.  They are to be congratulated on being such excellent ambassadors for the Armed Services.