Cycle Safety at Arthur Mellows

 On Friday 20 November, as part of a campaign about cyclist and pedestrian safety, students at Arthur Mellows Village College got a chance to learn about how to stay safe around Long Goods Vehicles. Skanska arranged for two extremely large Hanson LGVs to visit the College and students were taught about the blind spots on these vehicles, where to position themselves in order to ensure they would be seen and some of the common mistakes that cyclists and pedestrians make when sharing the road with large vehicles.
Assistant Headteacher Matt Norris said "It was an invaluable chance for our students to experience the reality of being inside an LGV and to see for themselves how difficult it is to spot cyclists and pedestrians."
The day was organised by Year 13 student Connor Smith, in conjunction with Peterborough City Council. Connor said, "We are a school that has a number of buses coming in and out of school each day and for students to learn how to behave around these large vehicles is of paramount importance. Hopefully they will be more aware after today's hugely enjoyable event and will stay safe on the roads."