Christmas Concert 2015

 On Tuesday, 15 December 2015, we hosted our annual Christmas concert at Arthur Mellows Village College. As always students have worked very hard for this event, and it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated our students are, giving up lunchtimes and after school’s to prepare the many items for the evening’s entertainment.
It has been lovely this year to see such a mixture of old and new; our newest students in Year 7 have risen well to the challenges of musical life, playing in the school bands, choirs and one band have formed since the start of school; “Spirit” are a group of 4 Year 7 boys; Oliver Stockell, Jack Hutchinson, Taylor Wilson and Harry Shaw. They wrote the piece they performed themselves, and I can not wait to see what they do in years to come!
We have some of the most talented singers we have ever had at Arthur Mellows. The lovely voices of Megan Stainton-Roberts, Charlotte Birch-James, Geran Jackson and Saffy Smith were a pleasure to listen to, and the pieces they performed are for their GCSE music. George McDermott also made a couple of appearances, singing by himself and with his band. (Lewis and Nathan Taylor, and Charlie Westbrook) Towards the end of the concert Amelia Glendinning and Liliana Nieddu performed “When Christmas
comes to town” from the film “Polar Express”. It was a spine tingling performance. There are some new singers to the music department - Hannah Roberts and Anna-Sara Biacsi both had solo’s in the pop choir
performances, and proved that they will certainly be top singers of the future.
One of the highlights was the finale of “The Writing’s on the Wall” from the recent Bond film “Spectre”. Almost all the students involved in the evening participated, and the result was fantastic. Over 50 students were on stage in a performance that combined soloists, choir and orchestra. It was a fitting end to a fantastic evening of music.
Our Peripatetic teachers contribute a lot to the performance of our students, and I would like to thank in particular Mr Alex Moore who led the brass band at the concert, and Mr Leon King, who although could not be at the concert rehearsed the string group ready for the evening.
By Mrs Hammond, Head of Performing Arts