Le Théâtre Français à Arthur Mellows Village College

On the 30 September 2010, a group of Arthur Mellows students (consisting of Years 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form) attended a French play called ‘The Mysterious Package’, which was performed by a French theatre group.

The play was performed well, and engaged the audience right from the start.  The two characters, Vanessa and Lucas, were comical and enjoyable to watch.  There are only a few scenes, but this kept the play concise and to the point.

Basically, the plot of the play was that Vanessa and Lucas found a ‘mysterious package’ in the kiosk where they worked.  They had many suspicions about what was inside, one of which involved the mafia.  They became even more worried when they found ‘blood’ (which turned out to be ketchup) spattered along the walls of the kiosk.  Eventually, they decided to open the package and inside were two costumes, a gingerbread man and Mr Potato head, which they then changed into and danced in.

The audience were very much involved.  A few times Vanessa or Lucas would come off stage, where everyone was seated, and ask people to help them (whether that be acting out various suspicions or helping them in their little kiosk).

My class (9f1) spent the week before the performance studying some extracts from the play.  Whilst doing this, we learnt words and phrases from the play, which helped us get better understanding of the play when it was performed.  Also, when looking at the extracts, we got into pairs, and had to think of our own endings to the play.  It was interesting to hear other people’s ideas on what the package could be.

All in all, I think the play was a great experience and was good fun to watch.

By Amber Vella 9CRO

French Theater    French Theater

Scenes from the play by the Theatre Company ‘Onatti’