Transfer of Fulbridge Academy to Four Cs MAT

Fulbridge Academy in Peterborough has joined with local secondary school Arthur Mellow Village College as part of the Four Cs Multi Academy Trust. Mike Sandeman has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Trust and Ben Erskine as Executive Principal of Primary Phase.
Both parties will cooperate to develop a shared vision for the education of young people in the north of Peterborough. The Fulbridge Academy will be the lead school for the Primary phase and will take the lead on all Primary education concerns.  Arthur Mellows Village College will be the lead school for the Secondary phase and will take the lead on all Secondary education concerns.
The transfer is the result of positive discussions with the Department for Education and a robust legal and financial due diligence process. 
Staff and assets of Arthur Mellows Village College transferred to the Four Cs MAT on 1 March 2017.  Following a positive staff consultation period, Fulbridge Academy staff and assets joined the Trust as of 1 April 2017.
As part of forming the Multi Academy Trust we have also put in two Free School bids to serve children from the housing development around Manor Drive. We have recently received the news that the first Free School bid for the new Manor Drive Primary Academy at Paston Reserve has been approved and work will soon commence on the preparations for the construction and opening of this new school in September 2019.  
Mr B Erskine said “We are really looking forward to the future, bringing two outstanding schools together who have very high expectations of the children with great results. We are all very excited about the partnership we have created and the collaborative work that we will be undertaking together”. 
Mr Sandeman said “The coming together of two outstanding schools means that there is an opportunity for the development of an equal partnership for primary and secondary schools in the Multi-Academy Trust that is designed to improve the education for young people in Peterborough.  It is an exciting opportunity and we look forward to a mutual exchange of expertise and skills between the members of the Four Cs MAT”.
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