Pakistan Flood Appeal – Charity Week Monday 18 October – Friday 22 October

The College decided to hold a charity week of events in order to fundraise for Pakistan, following the disastrous floods which devastated large areas of Pakistan during August. The Sixth Form charity reps, Chris Greenacre and Kourtney Haw led a series of Year Group assemblies to raise awareness of the disaster. In response to this lots of students and staff came forward with ideas and offering to run a variety of events.
Hannah West (11MSL) and her friends wanted to soak the teachers with a sponge throwing event! She whizzed round and, to my surprise, got lots of staff to sign up for it. Mr Hall kindly made us some amazing stocks to put the teachers into. Students from 7JPO organised a cake sale along with Bethany McTrustery and her friends and raised over £200 together on the first day.
Across the week we held numerous events, including several cake sales, which went down very well. Hugh Thurston (11LSA) and his friends organised a wellie-throwing competition and Jess Barraclough (9JKR) set up a cinema in the auditorium, showing the film “Up” across three lunchtimes.
cotterwellA highlight of the week was a fete where lots of Form Groups ran games and stalls, including a tombola, bring and buy sale, raffle and even a chocolate fountain.  My thanks for organising this event go especially to Mrs Wright and Mrs Hoppe in the Library and Mrs Steele, along with 10CPH and 11VST, who worked so hard to make it the success that it turned out to be. Also, to the following Form Groups for their involvement in running stalls, 7JTU, 8LED, 8GEL, 8MTU, 10KPR and 11SFL. Saiya Bhutiya (8GEL) and Kim Stott (8MTU) also deserve a special mention for selling raffle tickets throughout the week.
Finally, on the last day of term we held a non-uniform day, asking everyone to pay £1 for the privilege. Olivia Beesley and Oliver Aird, our Head Girl and Head Boy, organised the Sixth Form students to make and sell yet more cakes at break, while Mrs Warrington and Miss Lewis held a coffee morning for staff. At lunchtime “Indolent” and “October Again,” our two fabulous bands from Years 10 and 11 blasted us with extremely loud music in the School Hall!
Still to sell is a calendar, which Miss Benton is now putting together, based on photographs of Year 9 students, grouped according to the months of their birthdays. Further details will follow about how to purchase these in the next few weeks.
To date (4 November 2010) we have raised £2779.95 but still have Year 9 calendars to add to this. All the money raised will go to UNICEF, in aid of the nine million children who have been affected by the floods. This really was a tremendous effort and my thanks also go to all of you parents for donating cakes, tombola prizes and toys and games for the bring and buy sale.

Sarah Reilly

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