mad medicsA huge well done to: Hester Baird, Felicity Lyons, Jada Brown, Anna Wood, Gemma Beales, Daisy Malton, Ellie Mackie, Dylan Dhokia, Joshua Rowbotham, Cyrus Ashraf, Elton Clow and Ryan Hunter all in Year 8; who successful competed in the inter school ‘Mad Medic’ project.

The Challenge: To create a short film to go with the opening of ‘The Old Victorian Operating Theatre’ at Peterborough Museum. 

It all started with a trip to London on Thursday 4 November 2010 to see ‘The Old Operating Theatre’.  The students watched a performance explaining how the theatre was used.  We learnt many gory and fascinating details such as why the operating theatre was in the attic of a chapel and the importance of speed in operations before anaesthetics.  Apparently the record for a leg amputation was 6 minutes!  The students then had a chance to look at the displays showing how medicine has changed through time. 

Later that day the students also had a chance to visit the Science Museum to gain a greater understanding of the development of medicine from Egyptian times to current techniques.  mad medics

When we visited the Peterborough Museum the students worked with Rose Edwards, Education Officer at Peterborough Museum, to learn all about the museum’s past as a hospital.  The students heard dramatic stories of inventions, tragic deaths and amazing recoveries.  After lunch the students split into two teams to start filming.  It was girls versus boys to see who could come up with the best story and film to bring the museums past, as Peterborough’s main hospital, back to life. 

mad medicsBack at the College students set about work in earnest, with scripting and planning sessions with Ms Lewis.  With one last visit to Peterborough Museum for filming, it was all coming together nicely.  The students then tackled the tricky business of editing, for most a completely new experience.  I have to say that both teams had a few technical problems along the way, but both found innovative ways of solving any difficulties.  On the night of the presentations we all sat watching the other schools’ work and felt a sense of real pride with what everyone had achieved.  Rose said that she was delighted with all the hard work the students had put in and looked forward to using the finished films at the refurbished museum. 

mad medics

If you would like to see the completed films you can find them below.  I would once again like to say a huge well done to the students and thank you to all the staff, parents and governors who have helped and supported us with this project.

Miss Jacklin

Teacher of History