Bistro Experience Evenings

bistro eveningIt is quite incredible to believe that the Bistro Evenings have become so successful in such a short space of time. To date, we have run five Bistro Experiences, involving 40 different students, catering for almost 200 diners. Our mailing list and advance bookings have grown to such an extent that we have filled our capacity for the last two evenings and the two remaining evenings are provisionally well booked, too.

The students involved in the Bistro Evenings are currently following GCSE and A Level Food Technology. The experience provides these enthusiastic young chefs with the opportunity to work alongside Steve Collins (Cucina Chef) to devise a high quality and sophisticated menu, that they then produce and serve to paying diners (the current rate is £12.50 for 3 courses and tea/coffee). If your child is currently bistro evestudying Food and would like to be involved in a future Bistro Experience, please encourage them to speak to Mrs Clark (Head of Food).

Our diners’ feedback has been extremely positive and any constructive suggestions have been used to continue to improve the quality of the service that we offer. The students who have been involved so far have enjoyed the experience and usually want to know when they can do it again. Although they do primarily only get the one experience in the kitchen, they also have the opportunity to work front of house at the subsequent Bistro evening.

Further information, photos and menus from the previous Bistro Experience events can be found on here. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for priority bookings please email