Charity Week in aid of the Friends of the Children of Chernobyl (FOCC)


FOCCFollowing an assembly to Year 8 about the FOCC, our students were inspired to raise money towards sponsoring a child called Sasha, to come over to the UK this summer. Their initial target was to raise £500, which was the cost of his flight, but they have surpassed this amount, raising £680 so far, with more sponsorship money still to come in.

The FOCC are a nationwide charity, set up in 1994 that brings children from the Mogilev region of Belarus in Russia, to the UK each year, to improve their health. Local families from the Helpston and Glinton area, voluntarily “host” children for one month a year, over three years.

In 1986 the reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power station went into melt down, releasing highly radioactive material into the atmosphere. Mogilev was badly affected as the winds carried the waste material to this area and this continues to cause serious health problems. The water and ground in this region remain highly contaminated. Families continue to live in very basic conditions, experiencing high unemployment, with little support or money from the government.

There has been an increase of 800% in levels of cancer among children and 90% of the children suffer from vitamin deficiency with many dying as a result. By bringing children over to the UK for one month, this increases life expectancy and they return home with supplies of vitamins, essential medicines, warm clothing and money for food.

StocksStocksAs part of their fundraising initiative the Year 8 students ran a whole range of events, including a Bring and Buy Sale, Chocolate tombola, Smoothies and Cake sale and “Soak the Teacher!” Needless to say, Mr Foxton, Head of Year 8, was a very popular victim in the stocks!  A number of children also raised money through various sponsored activities, with one group even persuading their tutor to shave off his beard for charity! 

Finally, some of our Year 8 students will be nominated by their tutors, to meet with a group of children from Chernobyl when they visit the school on 7 July. 

Mrs Sarah Reilly

Assistant Headteacher

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