Year 9: Friends of Chernobyl's Children Fundraising Update

 sashaLast June, the current Year 9 students ran a fundraising week to raise money to sponsor Sasha to come to England for a month with the Helpston branch of the FOCC. The students did a fantastic job and raised an impressive £709.93. Some of the money was used to buy Sasha some football boots, boot bag and POSH kit. The rest paid for his airfare, a year’s supply of vitamins and any essential medicines, money for his mother to buy essential foods they can’t afford, essential clothes eg winter coats, winter shoes and the funds needed for any activities whilst he was here.

The FOCC (Helpston) co-ordinator visited Sasha and his family in October 2011. Sasha still lives in the hostel with his mum; they still have one small room divided into 2 but which is kept immaculately tidy. The family shares one shower, one toilet and kitchen with about 7 other families.
 sashaSasha is doing very well at school; getting 9 and 10s in his work. He particularly likes Maths, History and PE. Sasha loves football and is very proud of his boots and strip, he is the only one with such a lovely strip and he could not wait to show his friends. He also wears it for PE at school. Sasha has recently been taken on to a talented footballer programme in Mogilev, which means that he is training 4 nights each week as well as the weekends. He says he is the best dressed footballer there. When he went home he was full of stories and could not stop talking about his visit. He told his mum all about his trip to Arthur Mellows Village College. He loved everything about his visit.

Clothing Appeal

 sashaThe new cohort of FOCC children will be arriving this June. All the children stay with volunteer host families who rely on donations of clothing, shoes, coats etc to ensure that the children are appropriately dressed during their stay and when they return home. The FOCC also send home essential clothes for siblings too. To this end, we are launching a clothing collection appeal. If you have any clothing/trainers/shoes/football boots that your children have outgrown, it can be donated for the FOCC via the College. Clothing can be dropped at Main Reception from now until the summer. Please mark all donations for the attention of Mrs Reilly who is co-ordinating the appeal.
Summer and winter clothing/shoes is specifically required for: girls and boys aged 5 – 11 years (the children who will stay with host families).
Winter clothing/shoes (especially fleeces, coats, warm trousers) is also required for: siblings aged 2 – 5 years, younger teenage boys/girls and 2 older teenage boys.
If in doubt, include an item in your donation. Any items that FOCC cannot use are passed onto other charities.
Thank you in advance for your continued support.
Ms S Nash