Fundraising for the British Heart Foundation

 CakeFollowing our fundraising campaign during February 2012, we are delighted to announce that we have raised a grand total of £2523.00, in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

This event was led by 11LHU, who came up with some brilliant ideas, which incorporated the approaching Valentine’s Day with the theme of a “Heart for a Heart.” They organised a number of events, from showing the film “Gnomeo and Juliet” to selling Valentine’s roses which were hand delivered on the last day of term. Their grand finale  Mr Norris and Mr Sluddswas a Staff Karaoke in the Hall at lunchtime, hosted by Katie Barnard and Jordan Bunch, where staff sang a variety of love songs to a full house. Mr Norris, despite being stood up by a female teacher, managed to persuade a rather attractive young lady (alias Mr Sludds) to sing with him and they were awarded first prize!
A tradition for any fundraising event at Arthur Mellows is to have cakes, which we did in abundance! The staff held a coffee morning with home-made cakes and the Sixth Form, along with students from the lower school, held a massive cake sale at break time. These two events alone raised over £500.00
 Cake StallMrs Cumberland’s Year 11 Gifted and Talented group deserve a special mention. They made and sold Valentine’s cards, which were much nicer and certainly more original than any you could buy in the shops, with messages, such as, “I love you more than my i Phone!” They raised £288.00 in total.
Year 9 held an inter-form sponsored Dodgeball competition which 9PMC championed, with 9LED raising the most in sponsorship. There were a number of students who individually did a variety of sponsored events. For example, Adam Hurd in 7KBR raised £38.00, and students in 8SWA collectively raised £41.00.
Finally, I would to say a big thank you to everyone who got involved in our fundraising event.
S Reilly