Year 9 Keep Safe Day on Friday 23 March 2012

On Friday 23 March 2012 students in Year 9 took part in a Crime and Safety Awareness Day.  The Day was run by the award winning charity for community education, the No Way Trust.  The trust was set up in 1995 by prison officers who wanted to make an impact on the lives of young people and turn them away from crime and its consequences, using highly innovative educational techniques.

 The day included:
An explanation on what prison life is like; exploring the loss of freedom and privacy.  Students had the opportunity to experience being inside a cell.  This experience was very realistic; students had no idea how cramped and uncomfortable the conditions are and some commented “that they could not get the stink of the cell out of their nose.”  Students had the opportunity to question a prisoner, who gave very honest and straight answers, on what prison life was like for him.

The British Transport Police spoke to students of the danger in the community with transport, in particular the dangers of railway crossings.

 classroomDuring the Cyber Safety workshops the dangers of technology were discussed, topics such as cyber bullying, talking to strangers on line and sexting.  Students felt that this workshop revealed more dangers about the internet that they were not aware of.

ASTRA looked at the importance of safety and made clear the consequences of poor and dangerous behaviour.  This was a practical workshop with students getting involved via role-play.

The day was very informative and enjoyable for all involved.