Our Day Trip to Oxford University

On Thursday 24 May 2012, we went to visit Exeter College in Oxford University.  After leaving school at 8.30 am, we arrived for an introductory talk at 11.00 am.  We were given a fun quiz explaining all the myths about University, along with a multiple choice fact file about Universities around the UK.

At 11.45 am, we were given the opportunity to have a question and answer session with 2 college students.  It was great to have the chance to ask people who were actually experiencing University life about any queries we had.

 Following this activity, we were taken on a tour of the College – luckily for us the weather was great!  We got to have a look at the outside of the famous Oxford Library and we got to see all the gardens where the students could study for their courses.  During the tour, we were allowed to ask the students about their experiences at the University and I found it particularly interesting learning about the amount of independence you gain as opposed to secondary school.  Both the students said they much preferred the lifestyle on Campus and although they missed their families and friends back home, it is definitely a life experience everyone should have.

We then had lunch in the Exeter Canteen; we were given the option of a cooked meal (gammon, egg and chips) or a selection of sandwiches and yoghurt.  After lunch, we all gathered on the courtyard to laugh at some of the students who were getting water thrown over them to symbolise the end of their exams.  The students explained this was a tradition at the end of the school year.

 Next, we moved on to have a lesson on the linguistics of Ancient Greece.  In the hour session, we learnt the entire Greek alphabet, a selection of words and how to write and say our own names.  It was really good fun learning the origin of some of the words that we use on a daily basis.  This was thoroughly enjoyable and gave us an insight as to the courses that are available to study at University.

To end the day, we were given a task to get a certain variety of photos around Oxford; the group with the most original photos would win and get a prize.  Our group decided to see how many pictures we could get with ‘Men with Beards’ – the answer, approximately 15. We must have asked every man with a beard for a photo and after explaining it was for a competition, the public seemed happy to help. After an hour or so of walking around Oxford in the heat, we returned to the College to attend the plenary for the day. We were given a booklet with some extra information regarding our future at Oxford, additionally we were given a website whereby we could look up courses we might be interested in.

Overall it was a fantastic day – definitely one I would be enthusiastic to attend again and I’m sure the rest of the group would agree.

By Daisy Malton – 9PMC.
Photos provided by Harry Halfhide - 9IDI.