Year 8 Olympic Day

 A great day! Sunshine, only 2 injuries and, more importantly, fun and exciting activities.  My 4 activities were in this order: Boccia, Archery, Climbing and Handball.  All of these were packed full of fun, competition, teamwork and determination, some of the 7 Olympic values.  My favourite event of all was Handball as it was a new event for me and I felt I picked it up fast and did quite well at it.  I would like to do it again in the future, if I had the chance to.  My most challenging event of the day was Archery as I was not very good at it but managed to beat my first score of 5 and improve it to 10.

 The day started with an Olympic quiz which my form exceeded in and managed to finish first out of the whole of Year 8.  The day made me excited; I am now looking forward to the Olympics in July a lot more.  It also gave me a better idea of some of the less heard of events. The winner of the whole day was unsurprisingly CCR (my brother’s sporty form).  All in all, it was a great day and one I will remember in the future. 

By Matthew Richardson, 8JTU

 On the Tuesday 19 June 2012, Year 8 had an extremely fun and exciting Olympics day.  We did a variety of unusual Olympic sports (Climbing, Fencing, Tae-kwon do, New Age Curling, Boccia, Handball, and Archery.) Half the forms did some of the sports and the other forms did the rest.  We were really lucky and had brilliant sunshine and amazingly no rain.  The day went really smoothly and the instructors were really funny and helpful.

 My favourite event was fencing as it was amusing watching your friends walking towards you with a plastic sword and mask which happened to look a bit like a gas mask. My form (8CCR) continued our sport winning streak and was awarded best form.  Meanwhile 8JTU proved their smartness once again by winning the quiz.  The most challenging event for me was climbing as I am terrible at it.  However despite this and a spinning foothold on the climbing wall, I still just about made it to the top.  Overall it was an amazing experience and the best Collapsed Day I have done so far. 

By Callum Richardson, 8CCR