New York trip

The Daily Mail published an article last week condemning school  trips to New York as a waste of time. In that context, this seventh trip run for Media studies A Level students was weird because we seemed to have an amazingly educational time. Between Wednesday afternoon when we arrived and Saturday afternoon when we left, the trip incorporated a film-making session with a successful Manhattan-based film and music video production company, Hayden 5, which followed a tour of film and TV locations around the city, looking at technical - and practical - aspects of filming in a major city. We also took in architecture and design – visiting the amazing newly-built Museum of Moving Image in Queens and the even newer Jay Z-owned Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where we watched the Brooklyn Nets beat the Chicago Bulls in an NBA showdown. 

The previous evening, we checked out Manhattan’s subcultural scene, watching The Vaccines bring their UK indie rock to an adoring crowd of New York ‘hipsters’. On the last day, we paid our respects at Ground Zero, described by the tour guide as a ‘sacred’ site, alongside Amish visitors, an intriguing clash between the modern vibrancy of New York and the simple rural life of a community who embrace a way of life so traditional that they don’t even own cars. A splinter group also took in the delights of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which featured works from classical times through to the European Renaissance, and Modern Artists such as Andy Warhol.
As ever, the students were a pleasure to be with, and infectiously excited as they enjoyed each and every aspects of New York life. On our return, one student described it as the best 4 days of her life, which says it all. 
Mr Zaidi