Saltersford Water Treatment Works

On Thursday, 26 September 2013, the ‘Connecting Classrooms’ club of Arthur Mellows took a trip to Saltersford Water Treatment works to learn about how our water is made safe for us to drink.
We took part in 3 activities  which were: ‘water supply challenge’, a tour of the water treatment works and we watched a video of how we clean our water.
Many parts of Africa barely have any clean and safe water to drink. As part of the Connecting Classroom Club (also known as the Kenya Club), we are focusing on water safety and security. Women may have to walk miles and miles to get to a water supply, not everywhere can get clean water. It is a luxury for us, all we have to do is turn on the tap, whereas they do not get that privilege. A woman may have just given birth, the father is not around and the nearest water supply is 20 miles away, and the mother has become ill due to poor hygiene whilst giving birth.  The baby needs water.  If you give a baby dirty water, they will get ill quickly and possibly die. We do not have to worry about that, all we need to do is turn on a tap. It is as easy as that.
Saltersford Water Treatment Works (WTW) is located adjacent to the River Witham, upstream of Grantham. Much of the raw water treated at Saltersford WTW is transferred from the Rutland Water reservoir situated in the Ruthamford Water Resource Zone (WRZ) to Saltersford WTW.
We went on a tour of the treatment site and we learnt about the cycle that the water goes through for us to be able to drink it, and for it to be safe when we drink it. We got told about what chemicals go into the water to clean it and disinfect it.
Throughout the day we witnessed and experienced how chemistry and biology is used to treat our water, and also about the wide range of career opportunities in the organisation that requires STEM qualifications and skills.
We all learnt so much on the tour and it was all so fun! We completed a quiz sheet about the WTW, we got told about all of the different parts on the site and what happened there.

Water Supply Challenge

During our visit to the waterworks, we took part in a water supply challenge. We were given a large map, some plastic pipes and some tubs. We had to link up the pipes to each tub which represented a different building on the map. However, we also had to try to do it the cheapest way possible.
All of the groups got to work building their waterworks, each group carefully planned out their routes. Everyone had a different idea, by the end there were 4 different ideas. However, there were some problems, for example in 2 of the maps, if there was a leak at the start, it would cut the water off everywhere else. One group had managed to put in a ring road, this meant that the water would carry on flowing even if there was a leak at the start. All of the ideas were amazing, and in the end, they could not choose a winner as all of the maps were great!
By Sophie Griffin - 9SR,  Jasmin Donovan - 10EGR and Eleanor Morris - 8JGI
Photography Ieuan Williams, 10CGE