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Articles produced by students at Arthur Mellows Village College
  • Day at the Houses of Parliament

    Posted: 21/10/11

    On Tuesday, 11 October 2011, I went for a visit to the Houses of Parliament after I was one of the 3 selected by the Youth Parliament services. I was selected by entering a competition where I had to write a few lines (in no more than 50 words) on why I wanted to visit the Houses of Parliament

  • Prince's Trust National Citizens Service (NCS)

    Posted: 19/10/11

    During the summer holidays I attended two residential visits, Prince’s Trust/National Citizens Service (NCS) which I did for four weeks

  • Book Review, Eragon by Christopher Paolini

    Posted: 18/10/11

    Later on this year the last book in the Inheritance series will be coming out.  The whole series is focused on a boy called Eragon, his dragon, Saphira and his cousin Roran as they fight for their lives alongside the Elves and the Varden against the King Galbatorix, his dragon, Shruikan and his Kingdom (Algaësia) known in this set of books as the Empire

  • Kingswood Biology Field Trip 2011

    Posted: 18/10/11

    Sun, sea, sand and Biology? Perfect for a weekend in late September and a great opportunity to ace some coursework, as us Year 13 Biologists found out