Kingswood Biology Field Trip 2011


High RopesSun, sea, sand and Biology? Perfect for a weekend in late September and a great opportunity to ace some coursework, as us Year 13 Biologists found out.

The weekend commenced with a road trip to Cromer to visit the seaside and stop off for tea and cakes, then to explore our new home for the next few days;  Kingswood.  That afternoon we got stuck into a qualitative task, having a fab time comparing some of the effects that abiotic and biotic factors have on the growth of Lichens (fun little things) on the trees of Kingswood, later proceeding to sample the delightful food and a riveting talk on succession.  We then entertained ourselves with mass games of '40 40 in' and 'manhunt'. 

fishingOn the Saturday morning we visited Kelling Heathland to see first hand the numerous ways of managing Heathland succession.  That afternoon we risked our lives on the death defying high ropes and leap of faith, followed by a trip to a rocky shore to collect data for our quantitive element of the coursework.  We measured the length of seaweed from different distances from the sea, to compare and identify which factors affect the length.  Whilst doing so we came across some friendly crabs.

Saturday evening we spent some quality time during the night walk with our new found friends, Kingswood instructors; Rachey Roo-Rar and Nick.

On the Sunday we took some samples from two different rivers and got to wear the stunning waders!  Overall, a productive weekend, with the greatest people you will ever meet. Many thanks to Mrs Washbrooke, Mrs Benton, Mr Watson and Mr Foxton for looking after us. Rachey Roo-Rar and Nick will be missed, I'm glad you all came.

By Mia Holmes 13ETR

group photo

Group photo