Book Review, Eragon by Christopher Paolini

dragonLater on this year the last book in the Inheritance series will be coming out.  The whole series is focused on a boy called Eragon, his dragon, Saphira and his cousin Roran as they fight for their lives alongside the Elves and the Varden against the King Galbatorix, his dragon, Shruikan and his Kingdom (Algaësia) known in this set of books as the Empire.

In the first book (Eragon) we start on this miraculous adventure of a lifetime that takes you from the seat that you are sitting in and into a journey only known in Myths.  As we meet Eragon in the beginning we would never guess there is anything special about him but as we travel through even this book, we are left with many thoughts on the boy that leaves us hungering for more.  It is a gripping book that makes the world in these pages leap from it and into your imagination.  It is most definitely one of those books that you can escape into no matter what you are doing, or even where you are doing it, whether in your own bedroom or even if it’s at school and on your lunch break.

The second book (Eldest) is even more thrilling as we are transported back into Algaësia for more adventures.  Now Eragon has grown up beyond recognition and even his home village of Carvahall is now threatened by the monstrous Ra’zac.  Yet even as this happens Eragon has his own battles to fight as he travels to Ellesméra the elven capital in the great woods of Du Weldenvarden.  Eragon must now train to fight with the last free dragon rider since before their fall. 

In the third book (Brisingr) we learn how Eragon’s tutor decides to reveal himself at last and how another dragon has hatched which is good news for the dragon kind but bad news for the elves, Varden and Eragon himself.  We also learn how the Varden finally start towards Galbatorix who lives in his castle in the City of Urûbaen.  In the midst of all of this we also learn how Galbatorix has become more powerful than even the most powerful of the elves. 

Now we will learn just how exactly all of this will end in the fourth and, hopefully the most exciting of all the books Inheritance.

By Rebecca Brackpool, 10MRI