Prince's Trust National Citizens Service (NCS)


group photoDuring the summer holidays I attended two residential visits, Prince’s Trust/National Citizens Service (NCS) which I did for four weeks.

The Prince’s Trust helps young people (15-16 years) across the country who have left education and going into the workplace or continuing their education in College or Sixth Form.  The aim is to increase both confidence and skills that could be used in later life. 

The other residential that I went on was Outward Bound for one week in Ullswater, Lake District.  Outward Bound help as many young people as possible to have access to safe, adventurous experiences through which they can raise their self-esteem, realise their full potential and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

During the 1st week with the Prince’s Trust/NCS, we went to Yorkshire where we were put into 4 groups.  First we did some team building games so everyone got to know each other better, we also did other things throughout the week such as: camping, first aid practice, mountain climbing, mountain biking and a 6 mile walk.

During the 2nd week we went to Cambridgeshire where we were based at an Army Cadet camp.  My group started to plan what we were going to do as a community project.  Also during the week we did many team building games and also in our free time we played many games of volleyball.

During the 3rd week we started fundraising for the community projects.  We decided to do bag packing at Werrington Tesco’s altogether we raised about £180.00.  We also asked garden centres to donate flowers, seeds and plant pots for one of the community projects.  We had to make phone calls to ask permission if we could do the community projects, because if we did not we would be fined a large amount of money.

On the final week we did the actual community projects.  On Monday we went to Bishopsfield which is a retirement home, there we played domino’s, cards, painted flower pots and did a quiz.  On Tuesday we painted over the graffiti in the underpass between Dogsthorpe and Paston, we also fixed the fences which lead to the main road.  On Wednesday and Thursday we went to Honeyhill Garden in Paston where we helped clear the garden and make it look nice for the younger children.  We picked up the litter, cleared the weeds, planted flowers and mowed the grass.  Overall the staff were very happy with what we had achieved.  On the final day (Friday), my group got to go Bowling and Jimmy Spices as a treat with all the hard work we had done.

A month later all the groups got to go to Essex for a celebration evening.  We were handed our certificates and got asked what we did and congratulated.

When I went to Outward Bound for 8 days only two other people from Peterborough came with me, we were driven to the train station by our youth workers and got told where to go and get off, it was quite a tiring journey as it lasted 8 hours. 

When we got to Ullswater on the Saturday, we were picked up by a member of The Outward Bound and driven to our destination, where we were put into our groups.   I had 11 people in my group, all of which were very nice.  On the first day we did some team building skills so that we got to know each other better.

On the 2nd day we went Gorge walking near the mountains which is where you have to walk through waterfalls, some were quite big so we had to help each other up them, and this activity was quite enjoyable as worked as a proper team, but it did have its downfalls as it was cold, tiring and I got drenched and then we had to climb up a big hill. 

On the 3rd day we went mountain climbing where we were given harnesses and helmets to put on to ensure that we will be safe, I had reached the top of one of the mountains and then tried the others.

On the 4rd day we learnt how to do rowing, we took it in turns to lead our team to the other side and back, after a while we were in the middle of the lake, we were told to close our eyes and clear our minds and just go to sleep, this was a lot of fun and we all learnt a new skill.


On the 5th, 6th and 7th day we went camping where we did lots of walking and overall walked about 30 miles, even though this was very tiring and hurt our backs most of the time, we all supported each other through it and stopped when a person needed to stop to have a drink. We also climbed the highest peak in England called Helvellyn which was fun to climb.

On the last day we all had to say goodbye to our groups which was quite sad as we had all become close friends.

Both of these courses were fantastic and I hope to do more next year, and recommend them to any person. 

By Amy Rogers, 12EDA