Day at the Houses of Parliament

On Tuesday, 11 October 2011, I went for a visit to the Houses of Parliament after I was one of the 3 selected by the Youth Parliament services. I was selected by entering a competition where I had to write a few lines (in no more than 50 words) on why I wanted to visit the Houses of Parliament.

We met Stewart Jackson (Peterborough MP). He gave us a tour where we saw The House of Lords, which was covered in shining gold and velvety reds. We also went into the House of Commons. This was less decorated and extravagant than the House of Lords, but it was special all the same. This was a smaller room all decorated with green. In this room, there are boxes around containing the Bible. This is so that members should not lie over it.

We learnt about the history of the Houses of Parliament and about the responsibilities and roles of the local MP, not just for the local constituents but for Parliament as well. Mr Jackson represents the people of Peterborough in Parliament.

My favourite part was learning about the job of an MP and learning about the history of the Houses of Parliament. I also really enjoyed the tour around the Houses of Parliament.

By Gemma Beales, 9SWA