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Behaviour Information – September 2020

As the new term approaches, I thought it important to give parents/carers an overview of changes to our Behaviour Policy and the additional expectations of students in light of COVID-19.  Our priority is ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of staff and students and these changes reflect that.

The following are the key areas of note:

One-Way System

Students are expected to adhere to the one way system at the start and end of school day and all lesson change overs as it is a major element of reducing the risk of cross contamination within the social bubbles.  Whilst there will be times when this leads to a longer than usual route, students who fail to adhere will face sanctions.  Visibility and presence of leaders around school during transition points will provide a calm environment for students to move safely between lessons.

Exits from Lessons

Whilst we aim to minimise exits from lessons, we still intend to follow our behaviour for learning system.  Regardless of COVID-19, students have the right to learn and staff the right to teach, so those who persistently disrupt lessons will be exited.  Measures are in place to staff those exited in a COVID-19 safe environment.


In cases of extreme poor behaviour or persistent misdemeanours, the College will resort to the use of exclusion.  Due to COVID-19, managing students in internal exclusion is very difficult from a health and safety point of view and therefore this provision will be suspended during this time.  For this reason, there may be circumstances where these sorts of behaviour will automatically revert to a fixed term external exclusion.

COVID-19 Related Incidents

As outlined in the Behaviour Policy addendum, student actions that compromise the safety of others will be taken very seriously.  Even if the action is “done in jest”, students can expect significant consequences; in some cases parents will be expected to collect their son/daughter from the College and return to lessons will only be as a result of a successful re-entry meeting.

As with all aspects of managing the College during a pandemic, there will be a constant review of processes and practice that may lead to revisions of the behaviour code to ensure all students are safe at all times, during the school day.

Please be assured sanctions will only be used when necessary, with exclusion being the last resort.  We will obviously be educating all students on these matters and, as always, will work with students who breach our usual Behaviour Policy and the COVID-19 addendum.

We appreciate that some students and parents are anxious about the return to College in September and we hope these measures alleviate some of this.  We will cover behaviour, wellbeing and other factors during the collapsed tutor days on the first two days of the school year.  We will be in touch before the start of term to give you more information about these days.