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FOCC - Chernobyl Children

 Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (FOCC) is a charity very close to the hearts of both students and teachers at Arthur Mellows Village College. We began supporting the charity in 2010 to raise awareness of the 1986 nuclear disaster in Belarus and to help our pupils understand the plight of many hundreds of children who live in the affected region of Chernobyl. The charity raises money for disadvantaged children in Chernobyl and also brings over a number of the children to UK in the summer months. Just a short month spell in the UK can help to improve their quality of life hugely. At home in Belarus, many of the children live in very poor households. Diets are often lacking in important vitamins and minerals and much of what is grown in the ground is contaminated with radiation. Some of the homes that the children live in Belarus are cold, draughty and lacking in adequate heating or sanitation. During their visits to England, the children stay with host families in the Helpston area and attend a number of fun and educational sessions during the day. They also receive dental treatment and even eye-checks at Specsavers!
 On Friday 29 June 2018, Year 7 students held a fundraising day at the college in a bid to raise much needed funds for FOCC. Many of our students dedicated their time to baking an array of delicious cakes ready for a bake sale at lunch. Stalls of gloriously colourful cakes lined the courtyard at lunchtime where our students dedicated their lunch break to passionately selling and raising as much money as possible. Additional funds were also raised through Year 7 students taking part in a non-school uniform day. All of Year 7’s fundraising events raised a fabulous total of £415.47!
What was definitely the most poignant day of fundraising for the Year 7’s however was the few hours that the Chernobyl children spent with us in school. 20 children aged roughly between 6-12 spent a morning baking pizza and salad with Mrs Bowman in the food department. Helped along by some of our Year 7 pupils, the children created a fantastic lunch and enjoyed being shown around the school site with their new AMVC friends. In the afternoon the children had the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and sunny weather spending time participating in a rounders match in teams against some of our Year 7 pupils. Many thanks to Mrs Wilding for organising the match. 
We always enjoy having our visitors from Chernobyl and look forward to being able to welcome them to the college next year!