HYPA is a Health and Young Persons Advice Clinic.
The College hosts a HYPA (Health and Young People Advice Centre).  It takes the form of a weekly ‘drop in’ opportunity offering a comprehensive health service for young people.  It is staffed by trained workers, including nurses and is available one lunchtime each week on the College site.  Seven other schools in Peterborough currently host an HYPA.
The service offers support on a range of health and emotional issues that affect many teenagers, for example, bullying, worries about weight, depression, relationships and sexual health.  It is possible that after appropriate counselling with a student, trained staff will provide condoms, pregnancy testing and emergency contraception.
Whilst the service is confidential, staff will encourage young people to discuss health issues with parents and carers.
The Governors and senior staff believe that this service complements our health education teaching programmes and recognises our responsibility to help students to make informed decisions on a whole range of health related issues. 
Students from Year 9 upwards are made aware of the clinic and what it offers if they ever feel the need to access it for confidential advice on the following areas:

The aim of HYPA is to encourage young people to access health care on a range of topics

  • Sexual health, including STI’s, contraception and pregnancy
  • Drugs
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Health Issues
  • Friendships Issues
  • Self-Harm
  • Depression and anxiety concerns
  • Diet
The service is manned by fully trained professionals in:
Sexual Health
Alcohol Awareness
Drugs Awareness
Youth Workers
Qualified Nurses 
All run through iCaSH Peterborough (a  NHS provision).
AMVC HYPA is provided on site weekly during a lunchtime, currently on Wednesdays in IT3.
Teacher of PSHE