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One Way System

When your son/daughter returns in September there will be noticeable changes here in the College. The main change will be the ‘One Way system’ around the College. This is designed to keep all students and staff safe when we return and must be strictly adhered to. 

When students return for the staggered start they will be given a tour of the College, along with a map and other guidance to help them settle back into school life.

Students should walk on the left hand side of the corridor at all times and maintain safe distance from other students where possible. When they arrive and leave a classroom, sanitiser will be provided to the students to use on entry and exit from the room.

Toilets will now be split into blocks and designated areas will be only available to specific Year Groups. These will be clearly labelled for students to see and explained to them on the tour of the College as well as identified on the map of the College.

In addition we have also put together a short video to help point out some of the changes which can be accessed using the following link:

We now have separate entrances and exits for different Key Stages. Key Stage 3 students who arrive by Car, Foot or Bike will use Entrance A.  All Key Stage 4 and 5 students will use Entrance C to enter and exit the College.

We recognise these new changes will be a challenge at the start for everyone but the importance of keeping everyone safe is our top priority along with getting students back into education.