PSHE and Citizenship

LIFE SKILLS at Arthur Mellows Village College covers much of the PERSONAL SOCIAL HEALTH EDUCATION programme and Careers Education Programme. (Careers Page)
It is a dedicated lesson delivered in a large fully resourced dedicated classroom including computers and room for role play and active learning.  It is delivered by a qualified specialist in PSHE and experienced PSHE teachers.
Each student in Key Stages 3 and 4 will receive one lesson per fortnight and at least one themed Collapsed Day per Year Group.
Life Skills deals with real life situations affecting our children, families and communities. It is concerned with the social, health and economic realities of their lives, experiences and attitudes. 
Life Skills is a major contribution to:
  • safeguarding education for young children,
  • promoting health and wellbeing, 
  • promoting personal and social skills leading towards employability 
  • increasing independence and responsibility for themselves.
Opportunities are provided to learn about:
Relationships and Sex Education, Health, Personal Finance, Risk, and  Career Choices.
Topics covered in Key Stage 3:
  • Year 7 - Relationships and Friendships. Bullying. Online Safety. Puberty. Healthy and Unhealthy Life Styles. Drugs. Personal Finances. Street and Road Safety. Diversity and Tolerance. Career Exploration. Where to get help.
  • Year 8 - Peer Pressure. Body Image and body Confidence.  Cycle, Road and Rail Safety.  Online Safety. Healthy and Unhealthy Life Styles. Drugs. Personal Finances. Sex and Relationships. Career Exploration. Fire Safety. Where to get help?
  • Year 9 -Careers Exploration, the World of Work and Option Choices.  Online Safety. Mental Health.  Personal Finances. Sex and Relationships Education. Cancer Awareness. Prison Life. Antisocial Behaviour. Drugs. Where to get help?
Topics covered in Key Stage 4:
  • Year 10 - Careers Exploration and Preparation for Work Experience.  Online Safety.   Personal Finances. Sexual Health and Relationships.  Parenting. . Where to get help?
  • Year 11 - Careers Exploration and Preparation for Post 16 Options.  Online Safety.   Personal Finances. Sexual Health and Relationships.  Preparation, Coping with Exams. Where to get help?
Additional input to the Life Skills curriculum is delivered through presentations in assemblies, tutor time, visiting theatre groups, presenters and visits and trips.
Visiting presenters play a key role delivering to certain key lessons each year, especially Sex and Relationship Education and Road Safety.
Theatre groups perform and deliver key topics on Collapsed Days and during the year when possible.
Themed Collapsed Days are delivered by outside professionals as follows:
  • Year 7 July - Diversity
  • Year 8 March - Keep Me Safe Day (Keep Me Safe Day Booklet)
  • Year 9 July - Prison Me No Way- presented by the Prison Trust
  • Year 10 July - Preparation for Work
  • Year 11 December - Health Day (Health Day Booklet)
Visiting presenters deliver key lessons each year.
ICASH Nurses deliver some Sex and Relationships Education sessions.
Peterborough Road Safety Officer. First Aiders. Cancer Awareness Trust.
Theatre groups are used on some Collapsed Days and booked when possible to meet a need such a Chelsea theatre presentation on Child Exploitation to Year 9, Street Wise on Pedestrian Safety to Year 7, Recycle Reuse to Year 8.

Support for LGBTQ students at AMVC

Arthur Mellows Village College is committed to supporting students who identify as LGBTQ.
We are currently in the process of gaining the Rainbow flag award, run by the Kite trust. This will demonstrate our commitment to equality for all students and our commitment to combatting HBT (homophobic biphobic transphobic) behaviour. 
Should students and parents wish support, they can contact the kite trust who can offer further advice and support. Support can also be sought from the pastoral team, LGBTQ+ support group and the HYPA clinic.


  1. Yr 8 booklet Keep Me Safe Day
  2. Yr 11 booklet Health Day