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Policy on Face Masks / Coverings for Students

Further to the Government announcement last week and following consultation with the Chair of the Local Governing Committee, the College is writing to advise on the policy for the wearing of face masks / coverings by students at Arthur Mellows Village College from the start of term, Monday 7 September 2020.

Transport to and from school

All students travelling to school via either public transport or Local Authority funded transport must wear a face mask / covering on entry to the bus and for the duration of the journey.  Students with disability / trauma-based conditions are exempt from mask wearing.

Communal Areas / Corridors / Lesson Changeovers

It is recommended (but not mandatory) that face masks / coverings are worn by students in congested areas, eg corridors, queuing, communal areas and at lesson changeovers.  


The Government is recommending that students do not wear face masks / coverings in lessons, however, if they choose to do so, this will be permitted.

General Guidelines

  • Face masks / coverings should be named so that your son / daughter can be sure they are wearing their own mask.
  • Lost masks (even if named) will be disposed of so please ask your son / daughter to look after their own mask.
  • If a student chooses to wear a mask it must be worn properly and kept on throughout; you can help us by making sure your son / daughter understands how to wear their mask, it is not fiddled with, and it covers their nose and mouth.  When masks are removed, students should fold and place them in a suitable bag which they should keep on their possession.
  • Fabric face masks / coverings should not be offensive in nature in terms of design / logos etc

Please be aware that this policy is subject to change in light of Government guidance as we move forward.