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Remote Learning


Whilst your child is working from home because they are having to self-isolate, we will be providing independent work either set on SharePoint (our Virtual Learning Platform) or via Microsoft Teams. Students will also be offered face-to-face support via a once a week invite to each subject for a short period of time to ask teachers any questions they have arising from the work set. Teachers will communicate which lesson this will be prior to the lesson so that students can make themselves available. Students will also be offered a once a week check in with their Form Tutor to support any well-being issues they may have.

If you do not have access to our digital provision, then please contact the office email as soon as you can and we will arrange hard copies of work which can be collected. This may take a day or two to organise and so we will let you know when it is ready for collection. Collection can take place Monday to Friday between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm.

Individual teachers will communicate to students which pieces of work they would like returned for assessment and feedback once the student returns to school.

The majority of work will be set using one of two platforms:

  1. SharePoint:
  • When you log in to the student area each subject will have a folder called 1Remote Learning from Sept 2020.
  • You then need to navigate through the following folders:
    • Year group eg Year 7
    • Week commencing eg w/c 12.10.20
  • You will then see the work set or you might need to click a teacher folder eg Mrs Lord to then see the specific work for that class.
  • Many subjects will be using a ‘read me first’ document to explain how to complete the work set.

How do I log on to SharePoint from home?

To log onto SharePoint from home (further copy of SharePoint User Guide on the dedicated Remote Learning page of our website:

Download the Accessing SharePoint from Home Guide

The user name will be:

  • The year you started your Secondary Education
  • Then surname
  • Then initial
  • Followed by

So if the name is John Smith and you started secondary school in 2020 your log-in would be

When you are logged in, click ‘Resources’ in the top bar.  A drop-down menu with each subject area will show.  From there, click the subject and then 'For Students' - you will see the 1remote learning folder mentioned above. If your child has forgotten their password, then please email and your email will be forwarded to the IT support team.

      2. Microsoft Teams

Log into your team and work will be uploaded to the ‘posts’ section

How do I log into Microsoft Teams?

  • To log on to Microsoft Teams, log into SharePoint as above
  • Then click the 9 dots in the top left hand corner
  • Then click Teams
  • You will then see the Teams classes for example 7EeF1 would be English set 1

Further more detailed information including screen shots to assist you can be found at the following link:

Download the Teams Student Guide

Students can now also access Microsoft Teams

Online Provision

On the first day of home learning we hope to have work available for you either on SharePoint or on Teams, however, this may not always be possible and so we suggest that you use one of the online platforms below:

  1. The myON digital library (Years 7-10)
  2. Educake Key Stage 3 Science and English and Key Stage 4 Science, English, History, Geography
  3. Maths Watch
  4. You can create an account on Seneca Learning and then students have access to many resources for all subjects. They should complete the topic they are studying in school
  5. Linguascope for MFL
  6. Pixl App for Key Stage 4 Maths, English Literature, History, Geography
  7. BBC Bitesize for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4
  8. The Oak National Academy has live lessons which match many of the topics being studied in school
  9. We have recently purchased GCSE Pod which teachers will share with students over the next few weeks.  It includes 3-5 minute videos designed to deliver knowledge in quick bursts.
  10. From Monday 11 January, BBC will be offering a range of live lessons on BBC2 across the week.

Check with your children which topics they have been completing in school and then use one of the above platforms to find that topic and complete the questions/tasks set.

Form Tutors have been working hard to record log-in details into Student Planner, however, if your child has lost their Planner or has not recorded details, then please contact the where someone will be able to retrieve them for you.  

Further information on all of the above platforms can be found on the College website:

Download the Office 365 Guide

How do I organise work each day?

When working at home, we suggest that your child follows their normal school timetable and completes around 40 minutes of work for each lesson. However, if this does not suit your circumstances (perhaps you are also working from home) then please fit the work in around when is best for you. Whilst we have tried our best to ensure tasks are very clear, some students will need the support of their parents. Please don’t worry if some of the tasks prove too difficult. Students will not be penalised for work they haven’t completed, they should do as much as they can. You, as a parent, are best placed to observe how your child is coping with remote learning and if you feel that concentrating on some subjects over others is appropriate, then please make that decision. Teachers will communicate with students which pieces of work will be assessed so that your child receives the feedback they need to continue to make progress.

If your child is really struggling with a number of tasks set in other subjects, then please contact telling us the name of your child, Year Group, the subject and teacher setting the work. Teachers will then contact you to provide support as and when they are able to do so.

If your child has an EHCP or has a significant SEN need (as determined by the school), then they will be allocated a TA who will call you to offer support and guidance once per week. We will endeavour to support other students with SEN needs if we have sufficient capacity to do so.  

We understand the difficulty and stress which can be caused when students are working from home and so have planned a package which includes excellent resources, access to live lessons via the Oak National Academy and feedback to ensure progress can be made whilst working from home. Nothing can replace the classroom experience, however, teachers have worked incredibly hard to ensure, as far as possible, the learning that takes place at home is in line to that taking place in school.

If you are struggling with digital access during the period of self-isolation, please email and Mr Watson will contact you at the earliest availability.

If you have any questions, please contact and we will make further contact with you.