Right to Parent Consultation

Right to Request 

(Consultation Period Now Closed)
Arthur Mellows Village College already offers many after school sessions from numerous revision classes, subject run clubs, booster sessions and The Alley Homework Club plus the late buses offered for students wishing to stay in school on Tuesdays.
Whilst we already consider our facilities accessible to the wider community, schools are being encouraged to offer further community services such as Wraparound Childcare. Parents therefore have a ‘right to request’ that the school their child attends considers the possibility of establishing wraparound or holiday childcare for Key Stage Three students. Childcare providers also have the ‘right to request’ the use of school facilities to provide appropriate childcare provision and should apply to Arthur Mellows using the same written process.
There are three types of Wraparound care that the government is suggesting schools explore: before school, after school and holiday provision in some form. There will be a charge for this provision and schools can look at external providers.  If parents or other parties are interested in making a request for Arthur Mellows to explore this, we would like you to respond in writing via letter to Ms K Lewis by 9 February 2018, stating what type of provision you would be interested in and the name of your child/children and their age range. This will be an annual window for requests.
Any requests will be considered and responses will be provided within 8 weeks of receipt. Arthur Mellows will explore viability of the requests and consult more widely if the number of requests reaches a minimum number of seventy-five. Circumstances to be considered include: available space, suitability and safety of facilities, demand, availability of local providers, as well school staffing capacity to run and manage such facilities.