Arthur Mellows Village College

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School Day Timings

The College day will start at the usual time of 8.45 am.  Students are not permitted to enter the site until 8.20 am at the earliest.  This is to ensure that staffing is available to segregate students and ensure that Year Groups do not mix and appropriate social distancing can be enforced.  There will be no provision for breakfast snacks to be purchased at the College before the school day starts.  Parents/Carers may wish to consider sending extra snacks in with your children to tide them over until the first break in the day at 11.30 am.

The College day will finish at 3.10 pm (temporarily extended during this Covid period).  ALL students will need to have left the site by 3.20 pm at the latest.  Any students who are waiting for lifts later than this will have to do so outside of the school gates. Students at this point will be unsupervised.